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This command lists those common hangouts on the grid where characters often gather.

+Hangouts List hangouts that currently have characters present.
+Hangouts/All List all hangouts, regardless of occupancy.


This command will display all online players that are enjoying the 'new' status.

+New Lists all new status players that are currently online.


At this site we allow players to create temporary, mortal NPC's to play for a short while. Please note that these characters are temporary, may not kill a PC, and will be nuked 5 minutes after disconnection. These NPC's are for flavor, so don't expect much in the way of stats. Any XP gained on the temporary NPC character are credited back to the original character.

There are the following types of NPCs to chose from: Mugger - Gang Member - Pickpocket - Cat Burglar - Petty Thief - Prostitute - Drug Addict - Con Artist - Minor Corporate Executive - White Collar Worker - Blue Collar Worker - College Student - High School Student - Homeless Person.

To check the games available, check +games.

+npc/<game code> <male|female>=<type> Creates an NPC of the chosen gender and type for the selected game.
+name <new name> When logged in as the NPC, this command can be used to rename the NPC.


This command will allow you to find where there are people in publically accessible locations, and how many.

+RP Gives a list of locations with people in public.


These commands allow you to look up another player's roleplaying preferences, as well as set your own.

+rp-prefs <person> View another player's roleplaying preferences.
+setpref <topic>=<value, from -20 to 20> Set your own preferences.
+setpref <topic>=<value, from -20 to 20> Set text for others to see when they look up your roleplaying preferences.
Conflict - Violence - Death - IC-Chat
OOC-Chat - Dating - Love - Tinysex
Crime - Victimhood - Strangers


This command will allow you to toggle the speedwalking feature. By default when entering a location with other players you can not depart from the location for 30 seconds. This is done to promote RP on the grid, or at least posing your arrival and departure.

+speedwalk/on Turns on speedwalking and disables the 30 second wait.
+speedwalk/off Turns off speedwalking, enabling the waiting period.


In an effort for Staff to provide small, random role-playing experiences to the players, the following command has been created. It will toggle a flag that is visible to staff that will inform them whether or not you, the player would enjoy random, spontaneous TP's regardless of where you are located.

Please set this, as it will allow staff to quickly check who's up for a random and spontaneous TP. If you turn this on, then you give staff permission to join you, wherever you are at, to provide RP in the method of a spontaneous TP. If you have it off, you don't want staff to provide you with any spontaneous Tp's, and only want them to arrive if a +judge call is made.

+TPPref/on Turns your preference for random TP's on.
+speedwalk/off Turns your preference for random TP's off.

TP Tracker Board

The purpose of the board is mainly to keep staff updated with your activities for numerous reasons; perhaps Staff wants to do something for you in response to some of your actions? Perhaps Staff would like to take the ball you started rolling and roll with it? Many things could happen.

So, if you want to, this is NOT mandatory, please post 'things going on' with your character. The more Staff knows, the more we can do for you.

The Board is Board #8, and to post on it, you use this format: '+bbpost 8/<title>=<message>'

A good report format that you can use is listed below. You don't need to use the format, it just usually helps because it causes you to fill in all the crucial details that we would really love to know. :)

WHO Who the TP/RP involved.
WHEN What time it happened, IC and RL time.
WHERE Where it happened.
WHY Any reasonings why it was done?
WHAT HAPPENED Detailed summary of the events.
FOLLOWUP Any follow up that you'd like.


This command allows you to set players on your watch list. What this means is that unless they have specifically set themselves so that they are not announced, any login/logoff by players on your watch list will notify you.

+watch Lists all of the players on your watch list.
+watch/on Lists all online players on your watch list.
+watch/add <player> Add a player to your watch list.
+watch/del <player> Remove a player from your watch list.
+watch/cleanup Cleans all non-player objects off your watch list.
+watch/nomonitor This sets you NOMONITOR (see +help Monitor) and also removes you from all watchlists.


This command will show you a listing of all players in the same location as your target. It will only list those characters that are not set unfindable, and you can only do a +where on a player that is not set unfindable. Untargetted, it will list all players that are not set unfindable, by location.

+where <player>


This command lists all the currently connected players on the MUX. This command does take arguments, just like WHO, so you may do, for instance, '+who T' to list all players with names starting with the letter 'T'.

+who Lists all the currently connected players to your game.
+who Lists all the connected players on <code> game. See +games for the codes.