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Accounts for Character Profile editing are gained through these simple steps.

1. Go through chargen on your character on game.

2. Get Approved.

3. Create an Account on the wiki.

4. Return to the character you want this Account attached to on the game.

5. +request Wiki Account=I request approval for my Wiki Account: <insert account name here>

6. Wait for approval!


  • You MAY have more than one Wiki Account. If you prefer to keep your alt identities separate, this option is for you. You will need to perform a +request for each separate account.
  • Keep ahold of your wiki password. Email password recovery is not activated. While we can help give you a new account password, it can take a bit to get around to a job +request of this nature as only two staffers have access to the wiki on this level.
  • Please DO NOT page staff directly requesting they approve your wiki account. You will be referred to this page.
  • Do not try to edit pages not your own. Unless given permission by the player who owns that page, you shouldn't be editing other peoples' stuff. If you see a staff/game page that is not Protected, please inform staff.