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Accounts for Character Profile editing are gained through these simple steps.

1. Go through chargen on your character on game.

2. Get Approved.

3. Special:CreateAccount Create an Account on the wiki.

4. Return to the character you want this Account attached to on the game.

5. +request Wiki Account=I request approval for my Wiki Account: <insert account name here>

6. Wait for approval!


  • You MAY have more than one Wiki Account. If you prefer to keep your alt identities separate, this option is for you. You will need to perform a +request for each separate account.
  • Keep ahold of your wiki password. Email password recovery is not activated. While we can help give you a new account password, it can take a bit to get around to a job +request of this nature as only two staffers have access to the wiki on this level.
  • Please DO NOT page staff directly requesting they approve your wiki account. You will be referred to this page.
  • Do not try to edit pages not your own. Unless given permission by the player who owns that page, you shouldn't be editing other peoples' stuff. If you see a staff/game page that is not Protected, please inform staff.