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  • Mage - Liesl is well enough known within the NPC population of the magi of Prospect to make a decent contact for new arrivals into town. A Cultist of Ecstasy herself, she also has a link to the Order of Hermes via her father, should your story fit either of these elements. She's a little more approachable then Velok often is, and if you're looking to meet him specifically, she's a good point of contact.
  • Dancer - And waitress, bartender and owner at Glitter, a strip club downtown (D9) at 2nd and F Street.
  • Mother - There's four little rugrats now, the latest pregnancy producing twins. Liesl will forever be a mother. Future play dates are a possibility!
  • Ambassador - Liesl has become an ambassador of sorts, between the magi and other supernatural groups of Prospect.