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Welcome to Prospect: From the Ashes. Still filling in content here, but please feel free to fill out your profiles if you've got a character approved.

Connect at: port 5555

Quick answers to some questions:

Yes, the logo will be replaced at some point.

Yes, there are templates for character profiles in the making.

If you see something that's broken or not showing up well in the color scheme, please report it to staff.

How to get an account for character profiles: Go Here

Main Update Page: Go Here

August 23rd, 2018: Sorcerer house rules have been updated, and moved to their own page here
January 17, 2017: Caerns page added to Category:Theme
December 4, 2016: New Staffer, Corvus added to help out with Storytelling.
December 3, 2016: New Staffer, Sol added to help out with storytelling and other tasks.
June 29, 2016: Possessed House Rules has been added. Please read them if you plan on applying for any Possessed.