Possessed House Rules

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A Note on Delirium

Human Kami and Fomori will only be immune to Delirium inducing effects if they possess the Power 'Immunity to Delirium', have the Kinfolk Merit OR retain 3 dots or more in any ONE Numina.

Drones are immune to Delirium, as the 'defect' is written out during Clarification.

Gorgon and inhuman Possessed are immune to Delirium effects unless the Taint 'Vulnerability to Delirium' has been taken.

Possessed Requirements

We are not allowing Supernatural Possessed as playable characters.

Gorgon and Fomori are required to take one Urges Taint that does not provide power points and cannot be bought off.

Kami are required to take a Geas that WILL reasonably come into play and cannot be bought off.

No Possessed can have more than 10 (individual) Taints at a given time. This does not include the required Urge. A Geas does not count as a Taint.

If a botched roll results in a Taint, then it may go over the 10 Taint limit.

On this game, Possessed does not fall strictly under the Mortal+ sphere category group but is considered its own 'sphere'. Please look at the guidelines below.

Chargen Possession

Creation points for Possessed will use 6/4/3 and 11/7/4 for Attributes and Abilities respectively. The Possessed article has a full listing of the chargen points.

Numina may only be bought with freebies. They are considered that which is learned BEFORE the possession happened. The guideline on Possessed with Numina applies. It is important to read those guidelines below before going through chargen.

Fomori and Drone cannot take the Kinain merit.

Possessed Kinfolk cannot take the Gnosis merit nor learn Gifts, as these are lost or inaccessible upon possession.

In Game Possessions

In-Game Possessions will be made available when perk rewards are enabled.

In almost all cases, Gorgons will not possess characters of the normal RP populace. If you think you have an idea that could be an exception, +request it to staff.



Kinain possessed by Fomori gain 1 temporary Banality per day. Once they reach 10 permanent Banality OR 5 Autonomy, their Kinain side and all benefits is considered lost forever, without refund. They will not be able to use Arts, Glamour or Kenning and will retain the ability to see things of Faerie and Dreaming until Banality overcomes them. Interaction will require Enchantment.


Kinain possessed by Drones are completely excised of their Faerie nature by Clarification. Ergo there is no such thing as a 'Kinain Drone'.


Kinain who become Kami keep their ability to see the Dreaming and Faerie Miens. But like other supernaturals, they lose capacity for Glamour, Arts and so forth and must be Enchanted to interact with it.


Kinfolk will lose touch with any Gifts and access to the Gnosis provided by the merit. These might still be present (dormant) but are too foreign a method. Gnosis will have to be rebought as a Power with no carryover or stacking of the Gnosis Merit.


Thrall may only be Possessed at their Demon’s willingness to allow it to happen (PC Fallen Only).


A Thralling will suppress the ability to manifest as Kami.



Fomori find it easier to possess a Ghoul. All rolls in favor of the Fomori are at -1 difficulty and all those to resist the influence of the Fomori or its Taints are +1 difficulty. Usually the Ghoul's bond to a vampire Domitor that keeps them away, as that can often come into conflict with the Fomori's aims and desires.

Access to Disciplines will depend a lot on the Fomori. Some may enjoy the emotions involved in a Ghoul’s addiction to vitae and encourage furthering it but others may not like the competition and dangle the enticement of ‘immortality’ without the dependency on vampire blood, being free of the threat of turning to dust, blah blah blah.. and enjoy the fallout of the Ghoul going cold turkey.


Drones will have the vampire blood written out, but on the other hand, they will also have that quirky issue with suddenly aging fixed too. Of course you will be wiped clean of Disciplines and will be serving the Weaver’s will, but at least the past two hundred years won’t suddenly catch up to you.


Ghouls cannot manifest as Kami unless all the vitae is expunged and a ritual cleansing is undergone.


Take note of the Numina Guidelines below.


Any foci that are 'chaotic' or disorderly in nature will not be in sync with the One Song.


One Numina at 4+ OR Two Numina at 3+ levels will permanently override the ability to manifest as Kami.

Upgrading/XP Spend


Fomori can expend experience to buy 1 point of Autonomy for Current*8 (Minimum Current Base is 4 regardless of actual autonomy). Each point of Autonomy will generate one RANDOM Taint with a point cost of 1-5. It will be up to the player how the taint manifests where relevant. (for instance the TYPE of urge) Powers can also be bought with xpspend system at 6x Power Level, but an equivalent amount of points in Taints must also be taken.


Drones cannot take taints or indeed gain anything through the normal experience point system because of their very nature.

Autonomy may be gained on the current*8 (base 4) without worrying about getting a taint. BUT all powers must be bought with autonomy.

Drones have to pick a task/function and any upgrades MUST be expressly related to the task at hand. So a guard drone would not gain levels in Craft or Academics but they would reasonably get upgrades in melee or firearms.

If a Drone’s task as a guard requires some knowledge they do not yet possess but goes against their normal ‘job’ picks (e.g., a Guard Drone is reassigned to guard a research technician but to do this job they must also be capable of working directly in the lab), the player may submit a request. It may be deemed that a skill is traded or implanted. A trade is when points in one ability are traded into another. Implanted would require standard the xpspend system and a visit to a processing facility: IC downtime would occur at this time, but actual increase times are cut in HALF.

Note: If a player frees themselves from being a Drone, any upgrades (xpspend) made while the character is a drone will be halved (rounded down though not below 1) when they are freed.


Gorgon can expend experience to buy 1 point of Autonomy for Current*8 (Minimum Current Base is 4 regardless of actual autonomy). Unlike Fomori, they do not take on a Taint.

Gorgon cannot use xpspend to buy Powers.


Kami may buy powers at the cost of Power Level x7 but an equivalent amount of points in Taints must also be purchased.

Each 10 points of Taints BEYOND cgen may be traded in for a RANDOM Geas. Geas cannot be removed and 10 points of Taints beyond cgen must be earned before this can be affected. This trade is instant, versus the standard time of buying off a taint.


Only some Possessed can learn Numina. The guidelines per type are below.


Fomori may not purchase Sorcerer Numina nor use it while the spirit is part of them.

Psychic Numina remain. It stays as-is at the time of Possession (no experience increase allowed). HOWEVER, there is a one-time bonus dot in their primary psychic ability. If that ability is at 5, then the dot may be placed in one other (pre-existing) ability of choice. None of these abilities can go above 5 through this bonus, nor can a new one be purchased.

Any Sorcerer Numina go dormant until the spirit is completely excised. Of course, the host must live through the ousting.


Drones may fully access many Numina that they learned prior to becoming a Drone. The limitation is simple: If it can bring order to the Weaver’s design and for the Drone’s purpose, then it will not be written out; this includes levels of Numina that might conflict, while lower levels are left intact. Foci and other requirements for rituals must be of a methodical, orderly nature. There is no increasing Numina after becoming a Drone.


Gorgons cannot take or use Numina.


Human Kami may learn Numina at 1.5x the cost as long as it does not directly interfere with a Geas. (A Kami would not be able to learn numina that lets her fly or teleport if she has a Geas which doesn’t allow her feet to leave the ground. She would lose Numina if a new Geas conflicts with it). The max rating after manifesting as Kami in any one Numina is 3.


Lowest autonomy rating for players is 4 permanent. Highest autonomy rating for active Possessed is 9 permanent/10 temporary.

10 Permanent Autonomy will knock the spirit dormant. During this phase, the character will lose access to their Powers. Their taints will be present, though many of the mental ones such as Urges or Derangements will not hold as much sway (-2 Difficulty to rolls fighting these effects).


Fomori Possessed with a dormant spirit will go through a Willpower check once a week at Difficulty 8. A fail will cause a permanent Autonomy point to be lost and the spirit will reawaken. A botch will cause a permanent Autonomy point to be lost and the player will gain a Taint. This taint can go over the normal imposed limit of 10. In this case, the lost of permanent autonomy does not result in the ability to get new powers, though any dormant ones will return.


Drones at 10 Permanent Autonomy must roll Willpower once per day, Difficulty 9 as the Weaver’s servants seek to constantly reestablish connection. A fail will cause 1 permanent autonomy to be lost and the spirit will awaken and start seeking to force the character to return for new Clarification. Botch will cost the loss of 2 Permanent Autonomy and the player will not be able to resist the urge to return for Clarification. This is under the premise that some role PCs have is too valuable to categorically destroy.

If the Drone player is unable to return or resists too long, it is likely they will be killed.


Gorgon will follow the outline for Gorgon autonomy in WtA: Possessed Player's Guide.


For Kami, the rolls that have a difficulty based on Autonomy (such as Urges) should be rolled at a base of 6 (minus or adding any modifiers mentioned).